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The Trinity Research Staff Association is the representative staff association for all contract researchers, from early stage postdoctoral researchers to long serving research staff. The TRSA upholds and promotes the interests of research staff at an individual and collective level. The TRSA is a recognised staff association within the College, which is represented on the Research Committee: members of the association also serve as elected members of College Board and University Council.

The TRSA was founded in 2005 to represent a rapidly growing category of staff in third-level institutions, who had previously had no way of making their views known within the university system. Contract research staff have a distinctive status, where employment and career development depend to a great extent on their own ability to secure research funding. The TRSA aims to enhance the employment conditions of research staff; remove traditional barriers restricting the potential of researchers within higher education institutions and integrate researchers fully within the wider academic community


The TRSA AGM will be held on Wednesday 13th June, at 5:15pm in the Printing House in New Square.

The keynote speaker will be Dr Mike Jennings who is the General Secretary of the Irish Federation of University Teachers (IFUT). His address will be entitled "If Research is a National Priority why are Researchers treated so badly and what are we going to do about it?" There will be a drinks reception to follow.

Board Elections 2012

The College Board is the governing authority of the University and is responsible for overall management of College, including its financial affairs and strategic planning. Two members of the TRSA committee, Dermot Frost and Hasheem Mannan, have been nominated to run in the upcoming Board elections to promote and protect the interests of contract researchers.

Researchers sign co-operation agreement with IFUT

IRSA-IFUT deal expected to lead to close co-operation in higher education

The Irish Research Staff Association (IRSA) has announced that its representatives had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Irish Federation of University Teachers.

Teaching Survey

The TRSA is currently undertaking an online survey that will find out how many research staff are actively teaching. There are different arrangements in place across College covering teaching by research staff, including payment, hours worked and recognition. This survey attempts to quantify the situtation and the data collected will be used as the basis for a position paper and proposals for standardization to College.

IRSA Forum

Following the successful inaugural event in Spring of last year, the Irish Research Staff Association is delighted to announce the Second Annual National Researcher Forum: What next for researchers? The future for Research in Ireland, Europe and Internationally.